A Famicom for the 21st Century?


Artist Arne Niklas Jansson has recently posted a really cool and creative new concept for a variation on the Famicom system, the ‘Famicube’, on his website Android Arts. This interesting notion takes into consideration both a brand new identity for the Famicom, as well as incredibly detailed specifications for updated hardware.

64pal_v8 Collage

As seen above in the mocked-up screenshot of NES/Famicom classic Metroid, Jansson has even created a brand-new 64 colour palette to provide a more detailed, almost SNES-like appearance to the system’s games. Plenty more screenshots, and even a full view of the palette, can be viewed here.


In a surprising yet effective design choice that contrasts greatly with the highly recognisable Famicom cartridges (something made clear in Meteor’s My Famicase Exhibition), Jansson has opted for Floppy Disks as the media of choice for the Famicube. In his own words, he justifies this choice by stating that

“Real floppy disks turn game media into something which can be touched, and certainly heard! You’ll never wonder if something is loading or not. And when bored one can fiddle with the springy dust cover or browse the manual.”

By taking a look at the incredible label artwork he has created, I’d like to think that this is certainly a good decision, and is one resemblant of the relatively unsuccessful yet undoubtedly cool Famicom Disk System.


To top off the immense detail of this concept, Jansson has even created a paper mockup to represent the scale of the Famicube in comparison to a western NES system; talk about going the extra mile! If anything, this just makes me sadder that this system isn’t a real Nintendo product…

You can check out tons more great details, including more mockup screenshots using the console’s new palette, as well as images of the game boxes and loads of specifications and information right here!

Source: Android Arts

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5 Responses to A Famicom for the 21st Century?

  1. jjustra says:

    Thank you for this article. I am just browsing internet and searching all available info on this great project. It absolutely is something I want to be real.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s a really great idea, isn’t it? It seems like the designer has worked on a bunch of other similar projects for rebooting games and the like. Perhaps someone with the right hardware knowledge could make this a reality?

      Liked by 1 person

      • jjustra says:

        That would be awesome. Just imagine having this beauty in your possession. And there was this dicusion on nesdev.com forums in march this year, so it seems like people are talking this.


      • It is an interesting concept, although when it comes to the technical hardware aspect, I’m not much of an expert, but I presume that it might not be possible. As a visual piece though, it’s spectacular, a beautifully illustrated proposal that definitely makes it highly desirable!


      • jjustra says:

        I agree that it would not be easy … I would not say impossible, but uneasy sure. And the point that this is mainly graphical design is right also.
        But I still keep my hope that one day magical unicorn will spawn and will make that happen 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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