Splatoon x Tower Records – Apparel, Glassware and More

Music and fashion are a big part of what makes up the particularly fresh stylings of Nintendo’s Splatoon, so a collaboration with Tower Records (the former US music retail powerhouse who are still going strong in Japan) seems rather fitting.


Teased earlier this month, Tower Records will be running a special Splatoon-themed sale from June 24th to July 24th. During this period, a number of special collaboration items will be available, including everything from t-shirts and apparel to mugs, stickers, pins and confectionery. In-game versions of the collaboration shirts also appear to be coming at some point, so you can even model your Inkling’s look after your real life wardrobe.


The promotion also provides the opportunity to win some limited edition items such as a backpack and water bottle through scratch cards distributed in store, with only 50 and 1,500 of each item available respectively. On top of all of this, a special Tower Records edition of Splatune, the official Splatoon soundtrack release, will be available to purchase, with free Squid Sisters-inspired stickers available on a limited basis. Most of the items available throughout this promotion are likely to be highly sought-after as the Splatoon craze continues to sweep Japan, so if you’re near a Tower Records store, why not try your luck at winning some fresh goodies.

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4 Responses to Splatoon x Tower Records – Apparel, Glassware and More

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  2. Shiroth says:

    Shame i’m not going Japan until November. Would love to pick up a few of these lovely items and try my luck at winning that awesome bag!


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