Fashion, food and fighting – Splatoon gets real in HITEYE’s Shibuya guide fanzine


A new project from RAW-Fi is putting a stylish, Splatoon-inspired spin on your ordinary city guidebook. Embracing Nintendo’s squid/kid phenomenon head on, HITEYE‘s latest edition compiles the hottest locales in Shibuya – the area of Tokyo which inspired Splatoon‘s ‘Booyah Base’ hubworld – within a full-colour zine that aims to portray the district’s style and culture from the perspective of Splatoon‘s Inklings.

Be it the best places to fill up on tasty seafood, the city’s slickest styles and where to find them, or even the local weapons-of-choice for enacting your own turf wars – ink and squid transformations not included – HITEYE has you covered. Words and pictures from the resident designers, artists and writers within Shibuya’s creative coterie help bring together a chic look at a popular part of Japan from a different perspective, one which captures the trendy cultural spirit of Splatoon that has helped transform it from a fledgeling concept to a firm favourite amongst players young and old.



Unfortunately, getting hold of a copy may be no easy feat – the zine is releasing seemingly exclusively at this summer’s Comiket, which begins in a few days time, and whether or not it’ll be reprinted or available after the event is yet to be seen. We can only hope that those who won’t be in attendance will still get a shot at exploring Shibuya with a little help from a guide that’s shaping up to be worthy of even the freshest Inkling.

Be sure to take a look at the official webpage for HITEYE, where you can find out more about the inspiration behind this brilliant concept, as well as find out where to get yourself a copy should you be in the area.

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