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Solar Power, Quirky Cabs and The Great Outdoors – Culture Collection #20

Spring has well and truly sprung and it’s the time of year where many partake in ‘hanami‘, the viewing of spring cherry blossoms during the brief window in which they adorn fruit trees across Japan. Miki7722‘s blossom-viewing trip was apparently lacking … Continue reading

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Slick Setups, Lazy Stores and Even More Diskun Love – Culture Collection #19

With The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild making waves this month, it seems only fitting to start off by showing some love to Nintendo’s fantasy powerhouse – namely with this brilliant vintage Zelda keshi, shared by sculptor and small toy afficionado … Continue reading

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Programmable Series – Self Inflicted

You may have heard some variation of the phrase “from limitation comes creativity.” Usually, this phrase is used in reference to a physical limitation. One such example would be an artist who has lost the use of their hand, who then … Continue reading

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Looking Back at the Best Bits of the Wii U You May Have Already Forgotten

At the time of writing, Nintendo’s latest console, the Nintendo Switch, has already begun to release worldwide. As a hybrid between a home and handheld system, it represents a bold new direction for Nintendo, particularly from a software creation standpoint. … Continue reading

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Romantic Treats, Artist’s Impressions and Famicom High Fashion – Culture Collection #18

It’s been far too long since our last games culture showcase, so let’s start by going right back to the end of January, where a sighting of a Godzilla-like monster attacking Kyoto Tower became the hot topic for Japanese Nintendo … Continue reading

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Nintendo Switch UK Premiere – Thoughts and Impressions

I was recently had the opportunity to attend the Nintendo Switch premiere event in London, which offered a number of fans the chance to get their hands on Nintendo’s latest console and a sampling of the first and third-party software it … Continue reading

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A look into the world of ‘8-Bit Shugei’ – Culture Collection #15

Be it through artwork, music or even food, for years people have expressed their love for gaming with fan works of all forms. The rise of the internet and social media has made it as easy as ever for creators … Continue reading

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Minus World Reading List – November 2016

Nintendo offered us some engaging conversation last month in an interview with long-time developer Yoshio Sakamoto, translated as part of a short interview series celebrating release of the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System. This particular instalment, which focuses on Balloon Fight, features … Continue reading

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The Minus World 2016 Christmas Gift Guide

Regardless of who you believe delivers your Christmas presents every year, it seems to be a universally accepted fact that they’re a pretty busy guy/gal. The likelihood is they’re not going to have it easy when it comes to accommodating … Continue reading

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Pokémon – It means more than Pocket Monsters

Pokémon recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, so perhaps this is an ideal time to go over what the series might represent. Even with some of the darker content alluded to in the games, it’s an overall upbeat experience. Wholesome, you … Continue reading

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