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The Story and Inspirations Behind EDITMODE’s Nostalgic Nintendo-Themed Apparel

We’ve drawn attention to Kyoto-based apparel brand EDITMODE a number of times in the past, most recently when we showcased the 2017 Spring collection for their ‘THE KING OF GAMES’ line of quality Nintendo-licensed apparel. The latest episode of creative-focused … Continue reading

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Solar Power, Quirky Cabs and The Great Outdoors – Culture Collection #20

Spring has well and truly sprung and it’s the time of year where many partake in ‘hanami‘, the viewing of spring cherry blossoms during the brief window in which they adorn fruit trees across Japan. Miki7722‘s blossom-viewing trip was apparently lacking … Continue reading

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A Super Mario World Re-Telling, Released on VHS and Controlled with a Fake Telephone

Obscure game preservationist and Satellaview aficionado Kiddo Cabbusses has shared footage of a unique Mario adventure that you’ve likely never experienced. Mario to Yoshi no Bouken Land (Mario & Yoshi’s Adventure Land) is an animated re-telling of the events of SNES classic Super … Continue reading

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Slick Setups, Lazy Stores and Even More Diskun Love – Culture Collection #19

With The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild making waves this month, it seems only fitting to start off by showing some love to Nintendo’s fantasy powerhouse – namely with this brilliant vintage Zelda keshi, shared by sculptor and small toy afficionado … Continue reading

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Romantic Treats, Artist’s Impressions and Famicom High Fashion – Culture Collection #18

It’s been far too long since our last games culture showcase, so let’s start by going right back to the end of January, where a sighting of a Godzilla-like monster attacking Kyoto Tower became the hot topic for Japanese Nintendo … Continue reading

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Resting Warriors, HuCard Economics and Family Computers Great & Small – Culture Collection #14

You might have noticed Minus World has been pretty quiet recently. Apologies for the radio silence, things have been crazily busy, but you’ll be pleased to know that the world of games culture never sleeps – here’s your latest look … Continue reading

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Life & Death, Diskun Love and Piles of Stuff – Culture Collection #13

Let’s open this new-style Culture Collection with some great fan-made stuff – although admittedly, Itumo Sobani‘s MOTHER-themed works could easily pass for official merchandise. A whole host of design items and accessories have been created by the self-described coterie, which you can … Continue reading

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When Yakuza met Sylvanian Families – Culture Collection #12

What happens when you cross the gentle country lifestyle championed by Sylvanian Families, the internationally popular line of anthropomorphic animal mini-figures, with the hard-boiled, gripping criminal underworld that plays host to SEGA’s Yakuza series of crime games? Twitter user @momomousoumomo calls it ‘Yakuzania’ … Continue reading

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Japanese indie game scene documentary Branching Paths releasing later this month

Japan’s indie game scene has a tendency to receive a lot less attention than its western counterpart, despite a keen community of hobbyist and professional developers alike spread across the country. Events such as BitSummit have begun to gain traction as … Continue reading

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