A Super Mario World Re-Telling, Released on VHS and Controlled with a Fake Telephone

Obscure game preservationist and Satellaview aficionado Kiddo Cabbusses has shared footage of a unique Mario adventure that you’ve likely never experienced.

Mario to Yoshi no Bouken Land (Mario & Yoshi’s Adventure Land) is an animated re-telling of the events of SNES classic Super Mario World, released exclusively on a Japan-only device called the Terebikko. Launched by Bandai in 1992, the Terebikko is a phone-shaped toy that runs in conjunction with special VHS tapes featuring popular cartoons and anime of the era – at various intervals in each story, children are encouraged the pick up the fake phone and answer questions related to the story by pressing one of four colour-coded buttons.


Tapes were produced featuring the likes of Dragon Ball ZSailor Moon and the Mario series, each littered with intervals of simple trivia to test the viewer’s observational skills. Two models of Terebikko were eventually released, the one pictured above (photo courtesy of Kamisama) and another replicating the design of cordless phone handsets that would have been more modern at the time.

Now ripped directly from VHS for the first time and with captioned English subtitles for your viewing pleasure, you can enjoy the full twenty-eight minute animation on Kiddo Cabbusses’s YouTube channel, which features a plethora of videos showcasing rare games and hardware you’ve likely never heard of.


About Oliver Jameson

A UK-based appreciator of video game culture with journalistic ambitions. Creator of Minus World.
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