Slick Setups, Lazy Stores and Even More Diskun Love – Culture Collection #19


With The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild making waves this month, it seems only fitting to start off by showing some love to Nintendo’s fantasy powerhouse – namely with this brilliant vintage Zelda keshi, shared by sculptor and small toy afficionado Eric Nilla.


A lot of video game-themed keshi (small figures made of eraser-like material, normally inspired in design by Japanese manga and anime) did the rounds in the Famicom’s heyday. More recently, companies like ZOOMOTH have produced original figures for collectors, such as this Master Higgins/Takahashi Meijin from Hudson’s Adventure Island. This particular, cart-surfing figure is a part of lord_gajiaotzu‘s collection.


You may remember that in a past instalment of Culture Collection, we took a look at a 3D-printed cookie cutter shaped like Famicom Disk System mascot Diskun, shared by Kazzycom. Well you’ll be pleased to know that the end product, some rather delicious-looking cookies, have finally surfaced. The cookies were sold at an event in Saitama and apparently have a crisp texture. Seems they turned out very well!


Diskun made another appearance this month courtesy of RGB Club (and spotted on Dan Clarke‘s Twitter feed), a Melbourne company I admittedly know little about  who will apparently begin selling hand-printed, gaming-inspired apparel in the not-too-distant future. In the meantime, they’re offering an original enamel pin for sale featuring Diskun, seemingly the first of a series they plan to introduce. I’ve ordered a pin for myself and will be sure to report back in a future instalment – you can do so yourself on their pre-launch store page.


Going back to edibles for a moment, 8-4‘s John Ricciardi shared a snap of this Nier: Automata-themed cake, created for a celebratory staff wrap party. Ricciardi called the cake as “crazy-ass”, which certainly seems to be a fitting description.


Miki of miki800 recently had the opportunity to travel in a rather unorthodox vehicle – a giant PAC-MAN on wheels. This promotional PAC-MAN rickshaw was offering rides for a limited time in Osaka last weekend and you can read a brief write-up of the undoubtedly unique experience here. I’m afraid I can’t comment on the presence of any ghosts or pills during the journey.


I felt obliged to share a shot of these skateboarding alligators at the TOKYO PIXEL pop-up shop. These cute iron-on patches aren’t strictly gaming-related, but there are plenty of items inspired by the retro game aesthetic available to browse on the shop’s online store.


A different store now, this time the bootleg! Store. A self-proclaimed “lazy” store, bootleg! boasts irregular opening hours and a host of video game-related items and music releases imported from the US and UK. Featured in this particular picture is Mr. Minoru Ikeda, proprietor of the Mikado Game Center in Takadanobaba, Shinjuku. He seems to be taking part in some kind of music rehearsal – this is a shop short on space, but not on ideas.


One final retail outlet to round off this spontaneous section – anyone in the market for a bunch of NES Zappers should head down to Akihabara’s Kadenken electronics store.


2dJazz snapped this picture of some excellent artwork on the wall of a Japanese arcade, which recently held a Street Fighter Alpha 3 tournament.


A look at a very stylish arcade set-up, belonging to ondeksyt.


To conclude, something we haven’t looked at in a good long while – one of RoBoPaN‘s exquisite custom Game Boy units. I highly recommend browsing more of their work on Instagram.

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