There’s an ink version of Splatoon, but it can’t transform you into a squid…


It’s unlikely that the ink they’ll be using to print this will be the same type used in Splatoon‘s turf wars, but now you can read all about the inkling’s escapades in this one-shot manga based on upcoming Wii U game Splatoon in next month’s CoroCoro magazine.


Unfortunately, there’s not much that can be said about the manga, as only a handful of images exist. It certainly looks cute and full of personality, and hopefully once it’s been translated after its release next month it’ll expand on Splatoon’s colourful squid-kids. beyond their appearance in the Wii U game.


Complaints are already flying on Twitter and various forums that the fact that Squid Girl artist Masahiro Anbe wasn’t used was a wasted opportunity, but it seems like the resident CoroCoro artist has done a solid job at capturing the ink-based action. Admittedly, it’s a strange choice not to print this in colour, considering how big a role the ink colours play in the game.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated once a translation becomes available!

Source: Hinodeya3

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