THE KING OF GAMES 2017 Spring Collection Features Distinctive Styles with Heroic Influences

Kyoto-based EDITMODE have recently revealed the spring collection for THE KING OF GAMES, their tasteful gaming-inspired line of officially Nintendo-licensed apparel.

This fresh line-up features casualwear styles celebrating beloved Nintendo characters, with the likes of Kirby’s Dream LandBalloon Fight and The Legend of Zelda making appearances.




A number of Zelda-themed items have been created specifically to celebrate the series’s 30th anniversary this year. The ‘Left-Handed Hero’ sweatshirt features artwork from the 1986 series debut’s instruction manual displayed in a traditional college sweat style, whilst the Hyrule Football Tee and Full-zip parka showcase the original game’s iconic sprite-work in a more subtle fashion.


The Kirby-inspired ‘Roly Poly Little Hero’ zip parka makes creative use of the distinct green hues of the Game Boy’s screen against an oatmeal shade of off-white. Cute embroidery of Kirby himself adorns the pocket and back of the parka, whilst a repeating sprite pattern line the inner layer of the hood for a discreet referential twist.


New football-style raglan t-shirt designs make an appearance with embroidered artwork based on ZeldaBalloon Fight, Ice ClimberExcitebike and Ice Hockey. A third design inspired by the Game & Watch series game Parachute is re-printed from a previous year’s collection.

You can browse the entirety of THE KING OF GAMES line over on EDITMODE’s international website. You can also follow EDITMODE on Twitter to stay up-to-date on new releases and re-prints.

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