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The Minus World 2016 Christmas Gift Guide

Regardless of who you believe delivers your Christmas presents every year, it seems to be a universally accepted fact that they’re a pretty busy guy/gal. The likelihood is they’re not going to have it easy when it comes to accommodating … Continue reading

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A Little Look At… Super Famicom: The Box Art Collection

Box art is one of the most important – and perhaps most under-appreciated – aspects of video game presentation. Traditionally, box art has always served a number of irreplaceable functions to both consumers and publishers; it creates the crucial first impression … Continue reading

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The Minus World 2015 Christmas Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again; you know the one! Call it what you will, the festive season in which people require presents is upon us, so look no further than this comprehensive guide to a plethora of items that … Continue reading

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‘Encyclopedia Super Mario Bros.’ is the perfect guidebook to the Mushroom Kingdom

スーパーマリオブラザーズ百科!!! すっごいデータベースでこういうのめっちゃ大好き……! pic.twitter.com/Wdjn2ao1Uy — 3雲 (@mi3_kumo) October 20, 2015 Nintendo are continuing their celebrations of Mario’s 30th birthday with the release of an officially licensed guidebook detailing all things Mario, fittingly named ‘Encyclopedia Super Mario Bros.’. Pictures are beginning to emerge … Continue reading

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See the many faces of Diskun in this original Famicom Disk Writer catalogue

One of the first articles I posted up on the site was about the Famicom Disk Writer, a unique service available in Japan that allowed Famicom Disk System owners to re-write their game disks to change up their game library … Continue reading

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Beauty in simplicity; a visual compendium of the ZX Spectrum

When people think about old games with nice visuals, it’s safe to say that for many people, the British-made ZX Spectrum is unlikely to come to mind. However, Bitmap Books are working to change this with their brand new Kickstarter project; Sinclair … Continue reading

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Splatoon manga now available in English

Kantopia has posted a fully translated version of the new Splatoon manga from CoroCoro magazine. It’s short, but sweet, and you can read it here! I won’t take away much of your time, if you want to find out a … Continue reading

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There’s an ink version of Splatoon, but it can’t transform you into a squid…

It’s unlikely that the ink they’ll be using to print this will be the same type used in Splatoon‘s turf wars, but now you can read all about the inkling’s escapades in this one-shot manga based on upcoming Wii U game … Continue reading

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As usual, this year’s Nintendo company guide is a thing of beauty.

Following on from 2014’s beautiful Hanafuda-inspired design, Nintendo have once again gone above and beyond with the design for their company guides, guides presented by Nintendo of Japan to their new employees, providing them with an overview of both the … Continue reading

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