Take an in-depth look at the technology behind the Sega Saturn’s graphics

In celebration of the Sega Saturn, Chinese Sega fan Low Score Boy has recently put out an English-language version of his incredibly interesting and detailed investigation into the technology utilised by the Saturn. The 20 minute video provides some great insight into the complicated inner workings of the system, as well as an explanation on how many beloved Saturn classics achieve their impressive visual effects that set the console apart from other sprite-based systems of the time.

Whilst for many the Saturn is remembered for offering up many fondly-remembered 3D titles such as Virtua Fighter or Daytona USA, it’s no surprise that the reason the system has gained such a cult following amongst lovers of 2D and sprite-based games, especially those who are keen on import titles or who want to take advantage of that great library of exclusive or arcade-perfect shoot ’em ups, is partially due to some of the impressive technologies used by the universally underrated system. I don’t claim to be an expert, but check out Low Score Boy’s video above if you want to hear more!

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