Got an hour to spare? Check out some Japanese indie games fresh from Comiket 88

Comiket (Comic Market) is the world’s largest self-published works fair, hosted every year in Tokyo. It’s notable for its crazy lines and rare goods that are often re-sold for over 10 times their original selling price, and as you’d imagine, it’s a prime opportunity for Japan’s indie game developers to bring their wares to the public.

For those of us who won’t be in attendance at this year’s fair (running from the 14th to the 16th of August), or perhaps if you’re simply interested in getting a feel for Japan’s indie game development scene, indie studio Edelweiss have compiled the trailers for every game set to appear at the fair into one video.

It’s a lengthy watch, but there are certainly a few bizarre and interesting-looking titles amongst the selection. Whilst it’s unlikely many of these games will make it westward, it’s difficult not to admire the Japanese indie scene, and makes it pretty clear that their in no way lagging behind the thriving indie scene that has emerged amongst western developers.

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