Appreciate the Substance Behind the Style with Rose Colored Gaming’s Transparent SNES System

Transparent electronic hardware has a certain allure that’s difficult to explain. Be it Nintendo’s unreleased demonstration hardware or even CRT TVs made for use in prison, some kind of thrill can be had from gazing in at the parts of a device that you’re not supposed to touch. This gorgeous transparent SNES console, complete with matching controller, masterfully applies this concept with a design that re-invents the US SNES’s trademark plastic housing whilst capturing its unique and rarely appreciated interior form.

The hand-built prototype was produced by Rose Colored Gaming, a company that started life in 2012 producing modded handheld systems before moving onto creating a wide range of display pieces, one-off custom consoles and reproduction cartridge games that garnered attention online with their high quality craftsmanship and striking presentation.


The transparent SNES console pictured above was actually constructed back in 2016, but Rose Colored Gaming’s official Instagram account recently posted a selection of excellent new pictures showing off a custom controller and Super Mario World cartridge created to go alongside the original piece of hardware. The combination of a deep purple and metallic bronze on the controller’s buttons offers an appealing contrast to the North American Super Nintendo’s dulled lavender tones.

Rose Colored Gaming have produced a number of different prototype SNES shell designs and have noted that a version suitable for public sale could be available in the not-too-distant future – you’ll want to keep an eye on their blog and Facebook page to find out more details about potentially getting your hands on one, as well as to browse their other creations.

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