Get decked out with Mr. Saturn accessories and stationary from Hobonichi


Shigesato Itoi is no stranger to making use of the colourful cast of the Mother series on a wide variety of products, ranging from fabric covers for the Hobonichi Techo planner to Haramaki ‘belly warmers’.


The next items to join the 1101 store’s lineup of character goods are a stylish selection of cases and pouches featuring Mr. Saturn, the pink, large-nosed creatures featured in both Mother 2 and 3 that have become something of a symbol of the series following their inclusion as an item in Super Smash Bros. A variety of cases are on offer in the range that are perfect for use as a pencil case, for carrying the various planners and books available from Hobonichi, or even for storing your 3DS!


The cute Mr. Saturn design is available on green or yellow “necktie” material and perfectly compliment the wallet-sized Techo planners featuring a similar design that were released earlier in the year (pictured below). All of these items are available to purchase on the Hobonichi store, but unsurprisingly they’re very popular, so you may have to wait for them to be restocked later this year!


Source: 1101

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