A snack you can grind with – Dragon Quest Slime cookies

Square Enix’s heavy offensive on the Dragon Quest 30th anniversary merchandising front continues with these cute tins of Slime-shaped sablés (which, for those who don’t consider themselves baking connoisseurs/don’t eat enough biscuits, are a type of French shortbread cookies, and are positively delicious).

Preorders are open for the tins, coloured after both Gold and Metal slimes, on the Square Enix eStore until the 23rd of July, although they don’t actually ship until November. Hopefully they’ll be worth the wait, both in taste and the amount of EXP you’ll gain from eating them.


It turns out the Gold and Metal tins are in fact variants of regular coloured Slimes released back in 2014. Twitter user Pologoccha tweeted at us with a picture of both of the tins – thanks for the tip!

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