Uniqlo X BoxBoy Apparel Line Serves up an Unexpectedly Adorable Collaboration

Following on from their partnership with Nintendo for the UTGP t-shirt design competition, Japanese clothing giant Uniqlo have announced a collaborative apparel and merchandise line featuring characters from HAL Laboratory‘s puzzle platformer gem BoxBoy.

The line is fronted by a pair of original t-shirt designs produced by illustrators Yuji Kaida (best known for his work on posters for the Godzilla franchise) and Toshikazu Aoki. Additional merchandise such as tote bags and key-rings will be available to a limited number of people who earn coupons by challenging daily playable BoxBoy levels distributed within the official Uniqlo app from the 20th of August.

A selection of ‘badges’ featuring characters and artwork from the BoxBoy series are also set to be introduced to Uniqlo’s ‘UTme!’ t-shirt creator app, which allows customers to design t-shirts on their mobile device and both buy and sell wearable versions of their ideas.

Hit the jump to see the full line of pre-designed shirts available in the line, or browse the selection on the UTme! website, where those based in Japan can find out how to buy them.


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