Get kitted out to pilot the Vic Viper, courtesy of this GAMES GLORIOUS x KONAMI collab


This year marks 30 years since the release of the original Gradius, the first entry into Konami’s long-standing and highly influential shoot ’em up series. If you’re a big shoot ’em up fan, you’ll undoubtedly want to mark such a momentous occasion in the genre’s history appropriately and luckily, high quality Japanese fashion brand GAMES GLORIOUS have you covered with their limited edition Vic Viper pilot jacket!

vicviper1  vicviper2

The jacket, which is handmade and an officially licensed Konami product, stylishly sports four different Gradius-themed emblems. It’s perfect for informing anyone staring at your back that you that you enjoy a good ‘Trans Dimensional Space Fighter’! The front is proudly emblazoned with the number ’85’, representing the original game’s release year of 1985. There’s a nice attention to detail across the entire jacket, which you can buy for yourself here, or you can check out some more pictures below, including the ‘Steel Grey’ variant coming in December!



vicvipergrey1  vicvipergrey2

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