A ridiculously stylish R-Type animation made mostly by one person

Irem‘s side scrolling shoot-em-up classic R-Type, known for its grotesque alien bosses and intense difficulty amongst other things, has been remarkably captured in this unique animated short that tells the story of a young man trapped inside what has been labelled as one of the hardest arcade games ever made. With a bold and vivid animation style that takes more than a few visual cues from the heyday of 90s sci-fi anime, this tribute to one of the shooting greats puts a dynamic spin on a truly memorable arcade experience.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 23.06.53

Perhaps what’s even more remarkable about this video is that all of the painstakingly detailed animation was produced by one man, Paul Johnson. Boasting 17 hand-drawn frames per second, it’s more than apparent that this project is a true labor of love, and not just because of its keen attention to detail.

Source: Attract Mode

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2 Responses to A ridiculously stylish R-Type animation made mostly by one person

  1. thesmilingpilgrim says:

    Intense stuff


  2. Revaryk says:

    How did he do this?! This is amazing! The animation is smooth, detailed, and the artstyle is pretty cool too! Just… Paul Johnson, you’re an awesome animator. Keep doing what you do.

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