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Real Doctors, Console Chow & Arcade Dreamscapes – Culture Collection #23

It’s been a good long while since the last instalment of Culture Collection, our regular round-up of the best gaming-themed cultural offerings from around the web. You can read a little bit about Minus World’s recent radio silence here, but … Continue reading

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Bold Controllers, Forgotten Worlds and Taking out the Trash – Culture Collection #22

This amazing shot was taken by ethnographer and photographer Laura de Reynal. In her photographs, de Reynal has worked to capture the impact of projects run by companies that aim to introduce the internet and other technology into communities where it … Continue reading

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Space Harrier model kits let you enter the Fantasy Zone, store your stationary

It’s a known fact that the only way to truly keep your desk tidy is by storing your pens and pencils inside the hollowed out head of an Ida, the imposing stone head enemies from Sega’s surreal sci-fi rail shooter … Continue reading

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A ridiculously stylish R-Type animation made mostly by one person

Irem‘s side scrolling shoot-em-up classic R-Type, known for its grotesque alien bosses and intense difficulty amongst other things, has been remarkably captured in this unique animated short that tells the story of a young man trapped inside what has been labelled as one … Continue reading

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You’ve Probably Never Played… Ikki

Ikki Developer(s): Tose, Sunsoft Publisher: Sunsoft Platform(s): Arcade, Famicom, PlayStation, Mobile, PC, Wii (VC), PS4 (Arcade Archives) Release Date: November 27th 1985 (Famicom) For a single game to define an entire aspect of gaming itself, it has to do something pretty special. Some … Continue reading

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You’ve Probably Never Played… Mario Bros. Variations

Mario Bros. is the very definition of a Nintendo arcade classic. It features fun, easy to play single-screen action that earned itself many a quarter in arcades back when it first released in 1983. Sending Mario back to his plumbing roots, … Continue reading

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Now’s your chance to dress like a copy of ‘Gamest’

UK-based GAMETEE, producers of many luxury game-inspired clothing items, have released a t-shirt design that gives you the ability to look like a 90s Japanese gaming magazine any time you want.    The ‘TOKYO RETRO – Sublimation’ tee features a nostalgic full-print collage … Continue reading

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You aren’t cool unless you’re wearing Xevious jeans.

Cospa, a Japanese fashion company who primarily produce cosplay goods, have decided to fill the gaping hole in every person’s wardrobe by creating Xevious jeans. I have to be honest, I never thought I’d end up writing about Xevious and … Continue reading

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PREVIEW – Mighty Switch Force! Academy (PC)

WayForward’s Mighty series has seen a variety of different incarnations over the years; ranging from the dual-screen, dimension-flipping antics of Mighty Flip Champs!, the challenging, planet-hopping action of Mighty Milky Way, and more recently, the crime-stopping puzzle shooter Mighty Switch … Continue reading

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Check out some of the must-play indie games from GBJAM 4

Game Jolt Jams‘ fourth Game Boy-inspired game jam, GBJAM 4, is coming to a close, and over 180 entries have been submitted, ready to play for free on your computer or in your browser. There are many great titles amongst … Continue reading

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