Musings on Life and Culture from the Contemplative Mind Behind Doshin the Giant

Toco Toco‘s latest Japanese cultural showcase focuses on Kazutoshi Iida, the creative mind behind Aquanaut’s Holiday, Tail of the Sun and Doshin the Giant – minimalistic, pensive experiences that blend the traditional hallmarks of game design with distinctly human elements aimed at encouraging thought and reflection.

toco iida67.jpg

The soft-spoken Iida guides us around a number of his favourite Kyoto locales, starting with the Rissei Cinema Project, a former elementary school building dating back almost one hundred years that has since been converted into an arts centre that plays host to a variety of events, including screenings of documentaries and world movies. Next is the Kyoto Art Center, also a former elementary school, which serves as a portal for the area’s cultural offerings with regular performances and exhibitions.


In his research lab at Ritusmeikan University, Iida discusses his work in the games industry, offering a thoughtful commentary on the role of entertainment in society and the way it defines our personalities, as well as how it influenced him personally in designing the contemplative experiences his works seek to convey.

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