‘Encyclopedia Super Mario Bros.’ is the perfect guidebook to the Mushroom Kingdom

Nintendo are continuing their celebrations of Mario’s 30th birthday with the release of an officially licensed guidebook detailing all things Mario, fittingly named ‘Encyclopedia Super Mario Bros.’. Pictures are beginning to emerge from Japan of the book’s contents, and it looks like a real treat for any Mario fan with a desire to indulge in the plumber’s past and present!

Released on October 19th, the encyclopaedia is chock-full of pictures, artwork, character profiles and descriptions and the book looks to have left no stone unturned in charting Mario’s adventures from 1985 to 2015.

It’s nice to see that even often forgotten titles such as Wario’s Woods and Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins have been covered in considerable detail, even with art and descriptions of enemies and power-ups which have yet to make an appearance in a Mario game since their debuts!

There’s currently no word on a western release for this book, but if you want to grab a copy now, they’re available for order from Amazon Japan. It’s full of pictures and art, so if you’re a big Mario fan, you can likely get some enjoyment out of this book even if you don’t read Japanese.

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