Real Bouts, Talking Animals and… fish?! – Culture Collection #2


It seems that everyone’s been on a real Animal Crossing kick recently. It’s no surprise, with two brand new spin-off titles having just released, namely Happy Home Designer, the interior design simulator that released for 3DS last month and Amiibo Festival, the Wii U party game which launched last week in the US. The latter has brought with it a brand new line of Animal Crossing amiibo, which have been brilliantly photographed by thekhaos. I highly recommend checking out the other themed photograph sets on his site, The AnkleRocker.

Now, from brand new to very, very old. These stylish shots of Nintendo’s Color TV-Game taken by tian_liang could certainly provoke some collector’s envy from anyone who’s never got their hands on the first generation console. Whilst its questionable as to whether or not the single included game, ‘Light Tennis’, has high replay value, it’s not that different from its modern tennis counterparts; after all, it and Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash both have only one court.


Twitter user kazzykazycom is another person with a spectacular collection of games old and new. This week he was showing off a rather unconventional yet thoroughly charming display of miniature Famicom games on a faux sushi conveyor belt, complete with an ROB who is presumably taking on the role of chef! I have to be honest, I don’t know if I’d feel safe eating anything cooked by ROB… As a matter of fact, as nice as Famicom cartridges are, I don’t think it’s a good idea to put them anywhere inside your body!

Another piece of old Nintendo tech to get a new lease of life this week; sasuke35941 took the liberty of converting their old Super Famicom controller into a neat little storage box for their handiwork tools. There’s not too much room in their, but I can’t help but appreciate the idea, it’s a lot of fun.


The kind of tools you might keep in a box like that are likely the type that birosama1217 uses to make their great Mother themed cross-stitch buttons. This particular pair is of Ness chasing down a Master Criminal Worm, a rare enemy in Mother 2 that dishes out a great experience reward if you can chase it down. I must admit, I’ve spent quite a while chasing for these elusive insects during my playthrough, so it was nice to see a familiar scene recreated in handmade form.


There are quite a few handmade items featuring in this week’s Culture Collection; this great little collection of pixel sea life (and some vegetables mixed in for good measure!) displayed (and presumably for sale) at the ‘Dejige Expo’ in Japan as part of the Cocotte Dungeon booth. The booth contained plenty of other nicely made Perler bead creations, which you can check out for yourself here.


Yet another fan-made item that I thought was worth sharing, this nice little series of badges featuring various retro game heroines in a cute super-deformed style! I’m afraid to say that I’m not familiar with the character featured on the badge chosen by miki800, but the included booklet features the likes of Valkyrie of Valkyrie no Densentu fame, as well as Umihara Kawase. It’s nice to see some more obscure characters getting some love!


Another shot from miki800! As well as their Instagram and Twitter which are host to a bunch of great shots, you should definitely check out the site too! I’ve always been fond of collectables like stickers and badges, but one thing I’ve always had trouble with is thinking of good places to put them! This Macbook decked out in an assortment of stickers looks more like something from 1983 than the 21st century. My favourite has to be that big Famicom Soft Carry Cassette one!


Finally, for the second week running, Fatal Fury does the honour of appearing last! I’ve always been a fan of the idea behind the Sega Nomad, and jgkry268 has the right idea; taking the fight to the streets! There’s something refreshing about the idea of taking Fatal Fury 2 out and about with you, exposing the general public to the wonderful sounds of many a ‘Power Wave’ and ‘Crack Shoot’ being delivered.

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