Add some Zelda stylings to your wardrobe with EDITMODE’s ‘Battle Against Ganon’ collection


When battling against evil in fantasy lands, a good defence is as important as a good offence, and that includes a defence from the harsh elements. However, it has to be said that despite their supposed practicality, brightly coloured tunics, stockings and pointy hats force you to trade away one of the most crucial elements of being a hero in return for endurance; style.

Luckily, EDITMODE have you covered with their new ‘Battle Against Ganon’ collection, released as part of their officially Nintendo-licensed THE KING OF GAMES clothing line. This stylish fleece-fabric parka uses subtle cross-stitched images of the original Zelda‘s memorable sprite characters on the front, back and sleeves. Each fleece will also feature a random printing on the sleeves selected from 16 different enemy sprites, so you’ll have to try your luck and see if you’ll be able to snag your favourite!

This fleece is ideal for keeping warm in the particularly frosty winter months, as well as professing your love for the Zelda series with the striking image of Link and Ganon’s final battle, one unmistakably familiar to anyone who grew up with the Famicom.

You can check out some more pictures below, or head over to the EDITMODE website and find out more details before they go on sale on the 26th of January.

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2 Responses to Add some Zelda stylings to your wardrobe with EDITMODE’s ‘Battle Against Ganon’ collection

  1. Mikau says:

    Not true! Link’s outfit is badass!

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