Super Deluxe Style with Gray Parka Service’s Kirby 25th Anniversary Souvenir Jacket


Gray Parka Service have teamed up with HAL Laboratory to produce a special souvenir jacket (or ‘sukajan’) in celebration of the Kirby series’s 25th anniversary this year.

The back of the jacket is proudly emblazoned with the stylised title logo of beloved 1996 SNES platformer Kirby Super Star (namely that of its Japanese version, Hoshi no Kirby Super Deluxe), whilst the front features a pair of embroidered Kirby graphics featuring the titular hero performing his trademark inhalation technique.

It’s appearance is certain to catch people’s attention, but Gray Parka Service hope that its unisex design and supposedly quality finish (considering the price point and material choice for an item of this nature, it’s tough not to have some doubts about this particular claim) will make it an everyday wardrobe essential.



You can pre-order the jacket, available in three sizes and set to release on November 30th, from the Gorilland online store. More pictures and details (in Japanese) can be found on the official promo site.

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