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Zelda Love & Doshin Warriors with Nintendo Podcast System Episode 40

I was kindly invited to join Matthew Gibson, Jack Gawn and Sam Spade for the latest episode of Nintendo Podcast System, which as the name suggests is a podcast dedicated to all things Nintendo. Some great discussion was had about recent … Continue reading

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Nintendo Switch UK Premiere – Thoughts and Impressions

I was recently had the opportunity to attend the Nintendo Switch premiere event in London, which offered a number of fans the chance to get their hands on Nintendo’s latest console and a sampling of the first and third-party software it … Continue reading

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More than 30 years late to the party, an untouched Famicom gets its chance to shine

Our second treasure trove of the day, and this time one that’s been doing the rounds, is courtesy of Nintendo themselves (and spotted over on Attract Mode). A recent series on Nintendo’s Japanese website celebrating the 30th anniversary of The Legend … Continue reading

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Experience an overlooked adventure with English-dubbed Satellaview Zelda

The Satellaview has become something of a curio amongst Nintendo fans, both due to a diverse library of interesting titles and content, as well as a somewhat peculiar distribution method that has resulted in a fair amount of said content … Continue reading

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Career Spotlight – Tsubasa Sakaguchi

Tsubasa Sakaguchi Residence: Kyoto Role: Character Designer/Art Director/Director Association: Nintendo EAD Production Department Tenure: 2004-present The likes of Takashi Tezuka, Katsuya Eguchi and of course, Shigeru Miyamoto, are world-renowned for their roles as designers, producers and directors at Nintendo, acting … Continue reading

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Add some Zelda stylings to your wardrobe with EDITMODE’s ‘Battle Against Ganon’ collection

When battling against evil in fantasy lands, a good defence is as important as a good offence, and that includes a defence from the harsh elements. However, it has to be said that despite their supposed practicality, brightly coloured tunics, … Continue reading

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Career Spotlight – Asuka Hayazaki

This is the first entry of a new regular item on Minus World, ‘Career Spotlight’. In this monthly feature you’ll get an opportunity to learn about the unsung heroes who have been responsible for some of your favourite titles, often working behind … Continue reading

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The case for Zelda on NX.

It’s quite arguable that the upcoming Zelda title for the Wii U, aptly titled ‘The Legend of Zelda for Wii U’, is one of the most highly anticipated Nintendo titles in a long time. Despite this lofty title, so far … Continue reading

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