Get fighting fit with Street Fighter V Strength Training Gear


It goes without saying that characters of the Street Fighter V are pretty buff – on occasions, arguably too buff. To undertake such superhuman feats as conjuring balls of energy from thin air, performing hundreds of kicks per second and pulling off physics-defying haircuts clearly requires some fairly vigorous working-out, and now you can follow the World Warrior training regime at home with this set of Capcom online store exclusive Street Fighter V strength training gear.

Weighted gloves, training tubes, inflatable punching bags and the beautifully named “MEGATON DUMBBELL” make up this range of unique Street Fighter-themed exercise equipment that can help you get in shape and feel like you can take on the world. I don’t want to put the idea in your head that training with this kit will make you strong enough to perform a Sonic Boom or beat Zangief, but perhaps training with Ryu’s gloves on will help you BELIEVE that you’re the strongest fighter alive.

You can kit out your gym with this new gear when it goes on sale on the e-Capcom store in early July.


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