More cart-based chiptune goodness with “8BIT MUSIC POWER NEXT”


Following on from the success of 8BIT MUSIC POWER, the unique chiptune album which released earlier this year in authentic Famicom cartridge format, homebrew developer and artist Riki Iwasaki has announced at the 2016 BitSummit indie developers conference that a sequel is in the works, tentatively titled ‘8BIT MUSIC POWER NEXT‘.

Whilst we have yet to receive a look at the physical cartridge (which will once again be produced by Columbus Circle, who are currently preparing to distribute RIKI’s upcoming Famicom title Kira Kira Star Night DX) or full track-list for the project, RIKI has announced on his website that it will be released in 2017, and will feature the musical talents of Motoaki Furukawa, Junya NakanoManami Matsumae and many others, with more potentially yet to be revealed.

Keep an eye on RIKI’s website and Twitter for future details.

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