Japanese indie game scene documentary Branching Paths releasing later this month

Japan’s indie game scene has a tendency to receive a lot less attention than its western counterpart, despite a keen community of hobbyist and professional developers alike spread across the country. Events such as BitSummit have begun to gain traction as ideal opportunities for budding devs and studios to showcase their work to an international audience, with big players such as Nintendo and Sony even stepping up their efforts to accommodate independent game makers accordingly.

However, a brand new documentary called Branching Paths (directed by Anne Ferrero, who also works on the brilliant Japanese culture series Toco Toco) is seeking to take this coverage to the next level, giving us an inside look at the people and culture that make up the Japanese indie game scene, as well as the growing importance of independent creators in Japan. The documentary has been dated for July 29th and will be available to purchase on iTunes, Steam and Playism. Fans of Japanese and indie games alike should not miss out.

You can find out more info about the documentary over at the Branching Paths website, or on Twitter where you can find links to more teasers and coverage.

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