The sights, sounds and tastes of the Kirby Café

By now it has become well-known on social media that next month, three Japanese cities will play host to a pop-up café themed around Nintendo’s resident eating specialist Kirby. Focused on offering a far cuter experience than in your average café, the Kirby Café will be serving up a whole host of goodies, edible and otherwise, which are sure to excite any Kirby fan.

From sweet treats modelled after the pink puffball himself to more subtle delights mixing the distinct visual flair of Dreamland’s colourful residents with appetising delicacies, it’s clear that a meticulous level of detail has been put into bringing this idea together, one that will most likely lend itself well to a memorable café experience. As well as Kirby cuisine, a selection of exclusive merchandise will be available to purchase, including fashion items, stationary and even home furnishings.

Also recently unveiled, along with a number of visuals and promotional images on Twitter (pictured above), is a special soundtrack assembled for the three Kirby Café locations, two of which will feature a café and shop (Tokyo and Osaka) whilst the other (Nagoya) simply featuring the merchandise selection. Samples of all 12 tracks, which put a light, jazzy spin on a number of iconic pieces of music from Kirby history, can be heard on the official website, with a CD available to purchase on location to bring the sounds home with you.

If you want to learn more about the café, see sneak peaks of the dishes on offer, and if you’re in Japan, find out when you can experience it for yourself, be sure to take a look at the official website and Twitter page. Don’t forget to take in the spectacular design spread across the website – the attention to detail is very impressive!

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