The work and leisure of Guilty Gear’s Ishiwatari Daisuke

Arc System Works veteran and producer of the Guilty Gear series Ishiwatari Daisuke takes centre stage in the second of Toco Toco‘s special game creator-focused series, a window into both the careers and personal lives of some of Japan’s most talented gaming industry personalities.

Throught the video we’re given a tour of Ishiwatari’s work environment, meeting his fellow creator and producer of the BlazBlue series Toshimichi Mori, as well as learning about the pair’s ethic towards game creation. The video then follows Ishiwatari as he partakes in one of his favourite pastimes, walking, explaining how he uses this thinking time and the way it influences his work, as well as how the landscapes and architecture of Yokohama’s Minato Mirai area invoke memories of his childhood in South Africa.

Be sure to check out more of Toco Toco’s Japanese creator videos on their YouTube channel, and keep an eye on their Twitter feed for updates and exclusive giveaways.

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