Bring some freshness into your amiibo collection with Splatoon dioramas

Joining Nintendo’s lineup of amiibo diorama kits are these two Splatoon-themed setups ideal for showcasing your Inkling boys and girls, as well as the upcoming Callie and Marie amiibo, in the freshest possible manner.

Inspired by both the Inkopolis plaza stage where the Squid Sisters give their performances and the Kelp Dome battle stage, both dioramas display an impressive attention to detail, making them perhaps the most immersive way to display amiibo in the Splatoon line – the concert stage display even includes the ability to slot in your 3DS, allowing the top screen to act as a background to whatever show you plan on putting on.


These two stands serve as a continuation of Nintendo’s Splatoon merchandising efforts in Japan, which so far has seen a wide range of items from official replica clothing to playing cards – these items showcase just how much of a smash hit Nintendo’s brand new IP has been, and it doesn’t seem like the squid fever will be slowing down any time soon.

The dioramas go on sale on the 7th of July for the very affordable price of 1,080 yen each – as with the rest of Nintendo’s amiibo diorama range, there has been no confirmation of a western release as of yet, so if you want to get your hands on these as soon as possible, keep an eye out for import options.


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