Landscapes and latitude with Gravity Rush’s Keiichiro Toyama

Toco Toco reaches the last of its game creator-themed specials, this time focusing on Keiichiro Toyama, former Konami and long-time Sony employee who has worked on the likes of Silent HillForbidden Siren and most recently, the Gravity Rush series. The video follows Toyama on his daily commute through Yokohama’s Hodogaya ward, giving us a glimpse into the SIE Japan Studio offices before introducing us to his co-workers and their shared approach to developing games.

Toyama discusses the sense of freedom he wishes to convey in his games, something which is evident in the free-flying mechanics of the Gravity Rush series. As with the previous videos in the series, it’s interesting to learn how the experiences and surroundings have influenced the creators behind beloved franchises, and how aspects of their personal lives shine through in what they create.

As usual, be sure to check out more of Toco Toco’s Japanese creator videos on their YouTube channel, and keep an eye on their Twitter feed for updates and exclusive giveaways.

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