Splatoon 2’s Music Scene Comes to Life with New Shirts from THE KING OF GAMES


EDITMODE is expanding its range of Splatoon 2 apparel with a new line of six graphic t-shirts, inspired by in-game merchandise for the Splatoon universe’s most popular fictional bands.

If you’ve spent any of the last few weeks indulging in Splatoon 2‘s fiercely competitive multiplayer modes, or even just taking in the lively urban vibe of its Shibuya-inspired Inkopolis Square, it’s very likely you would have seen a few of the game’s Inkling characters – perhaps even your own – sporting some of the designs pictured below. Much like in their previous Splatoon-themed apparel collections, EDITMODE have faithfully re-created each shirt exactly as it appears in-game, so now you can rep your favourite of Splatoon‘s musical talents in your everyday and in-game wardrobes.


The new range is available in Japan through THE KING OF GAMES online store, or via PlayAsia, where you can also find mesh caps inspired by the game on sale alongside other assorted merchandise.

For more information about EDITMODE’s products and future releases, check out their website (English version available here) and Instagram/Twitter feeds.

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