The Story and Inspirations Behind EDITMODE’s Nostalgic Nintendo-Themed Apparel

We’ve drawn attention to Kyoto-based apparel brand EDITMODE a number of times in the past, most recently when we showcased the 2017 Spring collection for their ‘THE KING OF GAMES’ line of quality Nintendo-licensed apparel.

The latest episode of creative-focused documentary series toco toco offers us a fascinating look behind the scenes at EDITMODE, following director/ designer Enami Masaaki and photographer/PR manager Chikako Yamanaka as they discuss the process and inspirations behind their design work, which features some of the most beloved gaming IP of all time.


The video begins with a look at Hedgehog Books & Gallery, a bookshop and exhibition space near the EDITMODE office which has played host to a number of displays of their work, including their yearly Christmas pop-up shops. The pair also introduce the Nishitomiya Croquette Store, where they regularly meet with clients to eat and discuss work.

Enami offers some insight into the founding of the company, explaining the process he went through in trying to license the images of iconic characters from a protective Nintendo, as well as how he hoped to incorporate them into designs that would be popular with people who enjoyed games during the Famicom’s heyday.

You can follow toco toco on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Visit their YouTube Channel to enjoy past episodes.

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