Meteor’s 2015 Famicase Exhibition is Live


Awesome Japanese-based design store Meteor have just opened their yearly ‘My Famicase Exhibition’, an in-store art exhibition displaying hundreds of original Famicom cartridge cases, each sporting one of almost 150 different artists’ take on fictional Famicom games of their creation.

Of course, not all of us will be lucky enough to see the exhibition in person, but fortunately Meteor have uploaded all of the case art for us to admire, and damn, this year’s selection is looking good. You can view all of this year’s entries here!

It’s hard to pick a favourite amongst such a great selection of designs, many of which I’m admittedly a little sad aren’t really games! However, I’ve picked out a few of the ones I really liked for you to view, as well as links to where you can find out more about artists who created them (where available).

U well

シティコンポturbo (City Compostela Turbo) by U井 (U well)


パーフェクトインサート (Perfect Insert) by むっこま (Mukkoma)

The Techno BreakerZ

エキサイトハイク (EXCITE HAIKU) by The Techno BreakerZ


電撃モップ (Blitzkreig Mop) by TOMAN ROCK


Street Cat Girls Fight! by OTOE

Yokoo Yukiko

ファミ子のソーシャル大作戦 (Fami-Ko’s Social Battle) by Yokoo Yukiko


CNNT by Tek-Man (Patrick Gordon)

This is just a small sample of the brilliant collection, so make sure you check out the full gallery over at the Famicase site!

Source: Famicase

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