This Game Boy drum kit is a must-have for budding chiptune artists

Affordable music software website Bedroom Producers Blog have recently collaborated with Fairly Confusing Waveforms to create this awesome free collection of lo-fi drum samples, all recorded straight from an original Game Boy running the LSDJ (Little Sound DJ) music creation tool!

The pack contains 64 WAV drum samples, as well as a variety of patches to enable you to easily load the samples into any SFZ compatible instrument or music software. Along with this is a nice additional selection of SFX hits and pulse wave bass, all for free!


As demonstrated in the video above, two of the patches included in the pack provide easy to use, Game Boy-inspired visual interfaces allowing you to mix your sounds and apply filters and reverb; not only have you just downloaded an awesome pack of sounds for nothing, but BPB and Fairly Confusing Waveforms have done a great job in making them simple to use. I’m no music expert, but that seems like a good deal to me!

You can download the pack for yourself and read more about how to use it here!

Source: Chip-Union

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