A Look at EDITMODE’s THE KING OF GAMES Christmas Pop-up Shop – Culture Collection #6


I suppose we’re getting to the point where I should start including more christmassy things in this feature, so it’s just my luck that the internet has filled up with a plethora of wonderful shots of THE KING OF GAMES’ christmas pop-up shop at Hedgehog Books and Gallery in Kyoto. All kinds of goods are on sale in the shop which will be open right up until christmas day, ranging from EDITMODE apparel to handmade gaming-themed items. The above shot from EDITMODE’s official Instagram page shows off a wreath that from the outside may appear to simply be your traditional christmas affair, but on closer inspection, a certain comrade of Nintendo’s mustachioed plumber is tucked away behind KOG’s brilliant 8-bit mural!


An interior shot of Hedgehog Books shows that the store is absolutely packed with merchandise! Various incarnations of Mario are dotted all around and you can even stop for a quick game of Urban Champion on the Sharp Twin Famicom. As you can see, the whole place has quite a warming vibe to it, quite appropriate for the season.


Miki800 have made a great post filled with pictures from their visit to the shop! Their pictures give us a better look at some of the goods available, such as these cute and delicious looking handmade Famicom cart cookies from the Kamogawa Cafe


…complete with special Famicom cutters available to buy! The store is also packed out with all sorts of vintage gaming merchandise such as what I assume are these McDonalds happy meal toys pictured at the front! Seeing all this stuff put together so nicely makes me think it’s a real shame that EDITMODE and KOG don’t have a permanent store location.


As well as cookies, the Kamogawa Cafe, which is located nearby to Hedgehog, served special deserts to commemorate KOG’s presence for christmas. Both the Mario and Luigi variant look equally delicious so I envy gameagentet, who took the photo!


These A2 posters featuring an awesome pixel Famicom design were on sale; an ideal gift for anyone looking for a subtle yet stylish Famicom tribute to hang in their homes. Alternatively, you could always purchase the wallpaper variant of the poster, designed by Masaaki Enami if you prefer something not-so-subtle! I can’t help but feel this would make an awesome wrapping paper for your gaming gifts.


And of course, what kind of christmas gaming display would be complete without a tree? Here we can see EDITMODE’s own ‘Chicano’, who posts regular blog entries on the EDITMODE site, posing with said tree; if any of those presents down below contain goods from THE KING OF GAMES, we can assume that old Kris Kingle has been a generous man this year.


Here’s a closer look at some of the cool decorations, courtesy again of Miki800; that miniature Nintendo 64 controller is a personal favourite of mine!

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