Check out some ‘The Great Ace Attorney’-themed booze you never knew you wanted to drink

I think there are a fair few people who wouldn’t find it hard to argue that video games and alcohol go hand-in-hand. Necking a few cold ones over a game of Mario Kart might sound like the ideal form of relaxation for some, but perhaps you’re looking for something a little more refined to drink during your gaming sessions? How about something refined enough to sip on whilst carrying out 19th century Meiji period investigations and court trials?

If that’s the case, Capcom have got you covered with this new line of Dai Gyakuten Saiban (The Great Ace Attorney)-themed alcoholic beverages. There’s a choice between two different types of sake (rice wine), as well as a red and white wine, each emblazoned with characters from the world of Dai Gyakuten Saiban and packaged with limited edition cards displaying character artwork (pictured below). With extravagant names such as ‘sake of justice’ and ‘holy grail of the gods red wine’, the refined drinker and Ace Attorney fan won’t want to overlook this bizarre promotion!



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