Real Doctors, Console Chow & Arcade Dreamscapes – Culture Collection #23


It’s been a good long while since the last instalment of Culture Collection, our regular round-up of the best gaming-themed cultural offerings from around the web. You can read a little bit about Minus World’s recent radio silence here, but in order to break said silence, here is a brand new selection of photography from the later half of 2017 and the start of this year.

It seems fitting for the first article of the year to open with a New Year’s theme (even if it is a tad belated) and who better to kick things off than hachimaru3 and the rather notable get-up he sported for bringing in 2018. If it wasn’t for that kimono, I might’ve mistaken him for the real Mario.


Something else with a distinctly Japanese flair now, albeit from a different season. Looks like someone’s beaten bio_miracle to snacking on these neatly packaged peaches.


Continuing the food theme with chihiro_tanaka‘s snap of a limited edition burger served at CoroCoro magazine’s ‘Comic Legend’ pop-up cafe, featuring a rather appetising likeness of the world’s most famous Pokémon.


I’m all about little_terror‘s summer shrimp taco/ice white DMG combo, even if it is out of season right now. The ‘#grubbingwithgameboy‘ tag on Instagram is a goldmine for delicious handheld photography.


The good food with good games photo trend continues thanks to ser9e and the Nintendo Classic Mini Famicom.


How about a different kind of mini Famicom? Yasutomokenzi‘s felt Fami is console cuteness personified.


I can’t help but ponder whether or not the latest bit of Family Computer-inspired miscellanea to make its way into hacna127‘s game room counts as a Famiclone…


Speaking of accessories for the home, ginchan0075‘s latest spot of quirky 8-bit Shugei provides a rather dated-looking accent to an equally dated light switch.


These freehand wood block illustrations from akraten do well to capture the forms of a handful of hardware icons from Japan’s arcade glory days.


Taking the game centre theme forward is this dreamy Akihabara arcade shot from 3D artist/illustrator kidpandy.


In a similar style comes this Shinsekai establishment photographed by kageryu, in which VS. Super Mario Bros. takes the spotlight.


This street snap from natsumix723 resurfaces the age old question of whether or not Dr. Mario’s medical license is legitimate.


An up-close look at the eye-catching collection of stickers that beautify y_tom1219‘s disc case.


To conclude, a photograph from Game Boy wizard Robopan that gives us a little insight into the construction process behind their slick handheld modifications. The addition of personalised boot screens serves as a more than appropriate seal of quality for these high-end custom units.

Browse our archive of every Culture Collection instalment for more.

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