VIDEO – Check out the first part of our Hotel Mario live playthrough

You’ve more than likely heard of Hotel Mario, the Mario puzzle game that wasn’t developed by Nintendo – and that Nintendo would quite like you to forget ever existed. Famous for its notoriously strange concept and so-bad-they’re-funny cutscenes, very few have actually taken the time to play the game and discover what it’s all about.

Low budget animation and awkward controls aside, Hotel Mario is in fact a bizarrely compelling puzzle-platformer, and a fairly challenging one at that. If you missed our live event, want to learn some more about what Hotel Mario actually is, or simply are enticed by the promise of “lotsa spaghetti”, then check out the video above!

We’ll be continuing to play through Hotel Mario over the coming weeks – make sure you’re subscribed to the official Minus World Twitch channel and following us on Twitter so you don’t miss out!


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2 Responses to VIDEO – Check out the first part of our Hotel Mario live playthrough

  1. allesvee says:

    “You know what they say” “Gee it’s kinda dark” “Remember, where’s there’s smoke” “If you need instructions”
    It’s hard to believe that this wretch of a game is one of the most easily quotable games out there. In that sense it’s perhaps one of the most crucial moments in Mario’s speech career,

    …well right there with that of 64’s grunts and squeals, and the wonderful masterpiece that is Mario’s Game Gallery…

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    • It’s definitely a particularly memorable Mario outing (and one which I can almost quote word for word!) Honestly though, the game is nowhere near as bad as people would make out, mostly because few have actually played it (understandably, when you consider it was on the CD-I). As well as playing it, having read interviews with staff who worked on the game, it’s clear that some kind of love did go into making it, although it completely lacks the Nintendo magic and suffers for it!


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