Gunman Clive now available… on Game Boy?


It normally comes as a big surprise to hear about brand new releases on systems considered to be discontinued, and few realise that games have continued to release on systems such as the Wii and PSP long after their successors have emerged. Even without a continuing (albeit reduced) influx of licensed releases for what some would describe as ‘legacy systems’, many consoles still maintain thriving homebrew scenes, with the likes of the Dreamcast receiving brand new, fan-made retail games even today.


However, whilst homebrew games have seemingly existed for as long as the consoles themselves (let’s not forget the thriving bedroom developer scene that made early home computers such as the ZX Spectrum and BBC Micro a smash hit here in the UK during the 80s), it’s slightly more uncommon to hear about established developers turning to the systems of the past as their platform of choice. This is exactly where Swedish indie studio Hörberg Productions have decided to change things up, releasing a version of their hit action-platformer Gunman Clive on the original Game Boy.

gunman2  gunman4

Following on from the recent Wii U release of Gunman Clive HD Collection, which features both games in the series, developer Bertil Hörberg has set to work on bringing a one-level, fully functional Game Boy demo, providing a ROM file so it can be played on either an emulator or on actual Game Boy hardware using a flash cart. It’s fun to play (just like the real Gunman Clive, which you should go and check out, it’s pretty cheap so there’s no excuse!) and it’s nice to see that the Game Boy is as capable as ever, especially in the right hands. You can download the ROM for yourself here.

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