Get a video tour of 2016’s My Famicase Exhibition

The ‘My Famicase Exhibition‘, a yearly art exhibition held at the METEOR design store in Tokyo at which artists display their label designs for fictional Famicom games of their creation, has just opened for 2016, bringing with it a whole host of brand new original cartridge label designs that are sure to spark the interest of any fan of Nintendo’s classic home console.

If you can’t be there in person to check out the fantastic wall display of cartridges, this short trailer, shot by Studio Uamou (the people behind the popular Uamou character who has spawned a whole host of merchandise and apparel in Japan) and set to a bubbly chiptune soundtrack composed by SEXY-SYNTHESIZER, will give you a close-up look at the exhibition, as well as the store that houses it (somewhere I am dead set on visiting myself one day!).

There were some fantastic designs at last year’s exhibition, and this year some artists have even gone to the length of creating original back label artwork to replace the traditional warnings and usage instructions. You can check out more pictures from the METEOR store and the My Famicase Exhibition over at METEOR’s twitter page.

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