Another piece of Splatoon merchandise that can’t transform you into a squid, but will make you look cool.

nt0094w-03   nt0094w-01

The Splatoon-centric Nintendo Direct that aired earlier this month made a big deal out of the duds featured in Splatoon, and in the British direct the voiceover man even went as far as to call it a “utopian fashion society”. Now thanks to the latest officially-licensed line of t-shirts from Japanese brand THE KING OF GAMES, you can become a part of this.


THE KING OF GAMES have created three unique designs to choose from featuring strange logos and ‘language’ that look like they were taken straight out of Splatoon’s hubworld ‘Booyah Base’, and this is no surprise; all three of the shirt designs appear as actual items in the game!


Honestly, this is probably the closest you’re going to come to becoming an inkling in real life; as Super Mario Sunshine has proved, spraying mysterious ink around in public probably won’t go down well in the eyes of the law, so savour this rare chance to dress ready for a turf war without competing in one!


As you can see above, each shirt will be accompanied by a neat tote bag featuring a variety of logos from the game, as well as a unique little pin badge for each shirt variant. Unfortunately, like a lot of THE KING OF GAMES’ apparel, it’s unlikely these’ll stay in stock for very long, so keep an eye on their website for a chance to pre-order!

Source: Tiny Cartridge

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