Spend the day in Tokyo with SUDA51

French web-series Toco Toco, which takes a look at Japanese culture through the eyes of the country’s creative minds, is back with a series of brand-new, new-look episodes focusing specifically on game creators. Leading the line-up is Goichi Suda, known more widely as ‘SUDA51’, who takes us on a tour of his regular haunts in Tokyo.

CEO of Grasshopper Manufacture and a former designer at Human Entertainment, he best known for his work on the likes of Fire Pro Wrestling and No More Heroes as well as cult favourites such as killer7 and Flower, Sun and Rain. The video provides some brilliant insight into Suda’s lifestyle and background, showing us not only where he works, but the places he visits to unwind and the surprising ways in which they have influenced his work and career.

Be sure to check out the Toco Toco YouTube channel and Twitter page to make sure you don’t miss out on future episodes.

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