VIDEO/PREVIEW – A look at the vibrant world and intense battles of Gravity Rush 2

Japan Studio’s Gravity Rush was arguably one of the most under-appreciated titles of the last generation, blending smooth gravity-shifting action with a compelling story, intriguing world and thoroughly charming cast of characters. Whilst last month we shared a look of the key figures behind the series’s conception, today we’re looking at the game’s sequel itself, Gravity Rush 2, which is set to release on PS4 later this year.

Gravity Rush 2 continues from where the first game left off, following the story of Kat, a mysterious woman with the power to shift gravity and the world around her who battles to defend the residents of the floating city of Hekseville, whilst trying to uncover the secrets of her own cryptic origins. The second game in the series takes a bold, physics-defying leap from the Vita, home of the first game, to the PS4 – the difference in power is evident, and has clearly enhanced the experience in more ways than one.


As well as a considerably more dynamic and detailed world, which is brimming with life and reacts accordingly to your heroic feats, Kat now has access to a variety of new abilities and attacking styles to aid you in your fight against the enigmatic Nevi monsters, as well as a new, human threat armed to the teeth with powerful mechanical weapons. You can get a taste for these new moves and battle scenarios by checking out the above gameplay video, fresh from the latest build showcased at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. Gravity Rush 2 is set to release in late November/early December in all regions and is available for pre-order on the PSN Store.

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