RPG Eats, Game Boy Knitwear and Relationship Goals – Culture Collection #21


Game Legend‘, a fair at which various dōjin groups get together to exhibit and sell their gaming-themed creations, took place earlier in May. Kazzycom was there to capture the scene and shared with us a nice shot of some 8-bit Shugei from birosama1217.


On the topic of handmade items, bio_miracle showed off a cute cross-stitch Game Boy case, shaped like a Game Boy itself. A Game Boy in a Game Boy! Check out another shot here.


A very classy arcade cab shot from miki800. You might have spotted this one when we shared it over on our new Tumblr page not too long ago.


This arcade cab shot from blooooomn, on the other hand… Something looks a little off about that game of Final Fight


A slightly more understated appearance from Namco here, this time on the side of eeriedahmer‘s ride.


Time for some edibles! First up, let’s start small with some neat Slime sweets on a neat Slime plate, courtesy of Nacha


…who is also in possession of a Slime-shaped pan!


If the pancakes made in it look anything like the ones WayForward’s James Montanga had on his recent trip to Japan, then they’re undoubtedly delicious.


These Pokémon-themed burgers, shared by Shea, also look pretty tasty.


As do these dishes prepared by sakabooon. Not sure I’d recommend eating these ones though!


Here’s masakatu‘s quirky take on the many denizens of the Mushroom Kingdom.


Here’s a terrifying take on Mario himself, immortalised in sunshine-toned PVC and photographed by yamasakiippei.


Video game-inspired Kyoto fashion label EDITMODE is celebrating its 15th year of business. To commemorate the anniversary, these stylish wood badges were on sale at BitSummit. There’s also a cool Famicom cartridge version worth looking at too.


Chikako Yamanaka gave us a little glimpse into the EDITMODE office a few weeks ago (for a bigger glimpse, have a look here), in particular at the adorable antics of the company’s mascot/spiritual guide, Nyamuko the cat (yes, that is her official title).


Chiptune master m7kenji shared a snap of some cool cushions featuring his distinct pixel art designs. More pictures and some order information can be found here.


I can’t get enough of the urban vibe of [den] proprietor Chihiro Tanaka‘s sticker-clad Super Famicom carry case.


Nor can I get enough of these neat guitar picks made by Tendo, whose guitar covers of classic Famicom tunes and other bits of game music should not be missed. A recent cover version of MOTHER 3‘s ‘Bon Voyage, Amigo’ was a particular personal favourite.


Berabo777 showed off this absurdly plentiful supply of Famicom systems. Even the biggest Famicom fans would view this as overkill!


Perhaps they wouldn’t seem so bad if there was a collection of games as big as loloacre‘s to go with them.


Let’s wrap up this instalment of Culture Collection with some relationship goals, courtesy of __jun1__.

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