Bold Controllers, Forgotten Worlds and Taking out the Trash – Culture Collection #22


This amazing shot was taken by ethnographer and photographer Laura de Reynal. In her photographs, de Reynal has worked to capture the impact of projects run by companies that aim to introduce the internet and other technology into communities where it has not yet become widespread. The above photo was taken as part of a year-long project in Kenya, following 150 new smartphone users in the country.


This striking picture, also by de Reynal, was taken in a slum in Pune, India on a field research trip in 2015. I highly recommend browsing some more of de Reynal’s insightful work on her Flickr page and website.


This arcade machine photographed by Tadashi Hijiya is also a little worse for wear. Though it appears to have been thrown out, at we can take satisfaction in knowing that its final resting place – under the spring blossoms and a rich blue sky – is a stunning one, at the very least.


Jennie Robinson Faber came across what is either a very creative hot take on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, or evidence that the titular princess of Hyrule herself has been up to no good. I guess you could also assume it’s just be where someone called Zelda tagged her name on some trash, but where’s the fun in that?


This forgotten 3DS AR card, spotted on a railway platform by Chihiro Tanaka, is a sorry sight. That huge yellow arrow pointing right at it just beckons you to whip out your 3DS and experience another dimension.


Sasuraiger‘s CRT setup is without a doubt the prettiest way to play Arc System Works’ Hokuto no Ken fighting game.


Sixteenbit is another person who’s no stranger to a pink-toned fighting game experience. The keyboard in the background is self-described as ‘garish’, but somehow the colour coordination here pulls the whole look together.


Philip Summers also has some bold colours going on for his controllers of choice, namely Nintendo’s new Switch Joy-Con – something looks a little off here though…


Keeping to the controller theme, here’s a rainbow of Game Boy buttons from Robopan that really pop.


And now keeping to a Game Boy theme, a dazzling Game Boy Color with a Pokémon twist, courtesy of Aiko Hosoya.


How about these cute hardware-inspired vinyl figurines, shared by asdsntr? They’re available in all kinds of sizes, with different console and computer-themed flavours to match.


10whocat showed us exactly where to find games for all of the hottest new systems…


…whereas GameAgentET showed us where to find all of the hottest new Slime merchandise. This might be the most desirable retail experience on Earth.


YAGC shared this tiny sketch of Splatoon‘s Callie. Quite fitting with only a month to go until Splatoon fever returns to Japan with the release of Splatoon 2.


Finally, a petite Mario resting atop his umpire’s chair, brought to us by ironbeadsgamer. Following a hectic E3 week that saw the moustachioed plumber thrust into the limelight once again with Super Mario Odyssey‘s jazzy gameplay trailer, it’s no surprise that he’d want to get some rest by refereeing a few games of tennis.

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