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Real Doctors, Console Chow & Arcade Dreamscapes – Culture Collection #23

It’s been a good long while since the last instalment of Culture Collection, our regular round-up of the best gaming-themed cultural offerings from around the web. You can read a little bit about Minus World’s recent radio silence here, but … Continue reading

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Bold Controllers, Forgotten Worlds and Taking out the Trash – Culture Collection #22

This amazing shot was taken by ethnographer and photographer Laura de Reynal. In her photographs, de Reynal has worked to capture the impact of projects run by companies that aim to introduce the internet and other technology into communities where it … Continue reading

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Pokémon – It Means More Than Pocket Monsters

Pokémon recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, so perhaps this is an ideal time to go over what the series might represent. Even with some of the darker content alluded to in the games, it’s an overall upbeat experience. Wholesome, you … Continue reading

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Bargains, In-flight Entertainment and Carts Galore – Culture Collection #9

There’s no better way to spend your weekend than with some portable games. If Game Boy classics are your style, then FamicomSpirits has got you more than covered with this truly envy-inducing mound of carts! Whilst it’s obviously difficult to … Continue reading

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A Look at Super Potato’s New Year’s Lucky Bags – Culture Collection #8

It’s the first Culture Collection instalment of 2016 and what better way to kickstart a year’s worth of gaming culture coverage than with a look at some New Year’s festivities, Super Potato style! Japanese chain retro game store Super Potato … Continue reading

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DMGs, Christmas Presents and Terrifying Famicom Men – Culture Collection #7

Just like that, christmas has come and gone, but even during the holidays the world of gaming culture never sleeps! As a matter of fact, christmas is the ideal time to share the joys of consoles new and old with … Continue reading

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Gunman Clive now available… on Game Boy?

It normally comes as a big surprise to hear about brand new releases on systems considered to be discontinued, and few realise that games have continued to release on systems such as the Wii and PSP long after their successors have … Continue reading

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Now’s your chance to dress like a copy of ‘Gamest’

UK-based GAMETEE, producers of many luxury game-inspired clothing items, have released a t-shirt design that gives you the ability to look like a 90s Japanese gaming magazine any time you want.    The ‘TOKYO RETRO – Sublimation’ tee features a nostalgic full-print collage … Continue reading

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The HAL Laboratory games you’ve probably never played

It is without argue that developer HAL Laboratory are responsible for some of the most beloved franchises in video game history; from the brilliant platforming adventures of Kirby to the cult RPG classic Mother series, not to mention a certain all-star fighter featuring … Continue reading

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Check out some of the must-play indie games from GBJAM 4

Game Jolt Jams‘ fourth Game Boy-inspired game jam, GBJAM 4, is coming to a close, and over 180 entries have been submitted, ready to play for free on your computer or in your browser. There are many great titles amongst … Continue reading

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