THUNDERBOX x Technōs Collab Serves up the Ultimate Accessory for Hot-Blooded Tough Guys


Thanks to Japanese fashion label THUNDERBOX, you’ll never again have to go downtown without a stylish, understated way of expressing your love for Technōs’ flagship Kunio-kun series on your person. They’re ideal for wearing to any back-alley brawl, dodgeball game or street challenge.

The two individual enamel pins feature the titular high schooler hero Kunio and his rival Riki (perhaps better known as Alex and Ryan of River City Ransom fame to US players), lovingly capturing the iconic sprite art style of the series’s third console instalment that has thoroughly stood the test of time, even appearing in games released this year.

Details on when the pins will make their way to THUNDERBOX’s online store are still pending – keep an eye on their Twitter and Instagram pages for news and announcements – but in the meantime, here are a few other related items from the apparel brand’s new “CASE SHOTSHOT STAGE 4” summer collection (a great write-up of the full gaming-inspired parts of the line-up can be found over on Attract Mode).

If a less subtle expression of Famicom love in your attire is what you seek, the ‘ROM CASSETTE HOLDER‘ is for you. These leather wallets hold a single Famicom cartridge and easily clip onto a belt or bag. Leaving home without your copy of Morita Shogi no longer has to be a worry.


Back to pins now – the ‘LEBLANC GIRL‘ pin comes in two flavours, ‘saxophone’ and ‘zombie’ (the latter of which was an exclusive offered to those who attended THUNDERBOX’s 2017 autumn/winter exhibition). One for lovers of a pixellated martini at the end of a long day. The design can also be found on a shirt.


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