Japan’s awesome Super Mario 30th Anniversary items are worth envying

plush  sticker

Nintendo have created a brand new line of goods to celebrate Mario’s 30th anniversary this year, and they’re far too cool to be confined to a crane machine! They’ll be available in Taito crane machines in arcades across Japan in the coming weeks, and their seemingly limited availability will no doubt make them highly sought after.

goldmario  towel1

Ranging from plush toys and towels to Super Mario Maker-themed wall stickers and a particularly grandiose looking golden Mario statue emblazoned with the 30th Anniversary emblem, it’s a shame that these items are unlikely to make it outside of Japan. If you find yourself anywhere near a Japanese arcade in the coming weeks, try your hand at winning some of these awesome prizes! Or, you know, if you feel like it, you could always send me that gold Mario statue?

If you want to get in the celebratory mood for Mario’s big 30th, check out Nintendo Japan’s special movie below, which walks you through some of Mario’s more notable 2D career highlights!

Source: Game.Watch

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